What about us?

Cirkus Nambawan, was formed in the Spring of 2018 by Hamish Tjoeng. It comprises of Cirkus Artists Karin Melin from Sweden, Carlotta Risitano from Italy, and Hamish Tjoeng from Australia/ Papua New Guinea. The Company inhabited the same professional circles for many years until their paths converged in Stockholm, Sweden in the autumn of 2015.
Our goal as a collective is to provide children with unconventional tools that they can utilise in their adventurous life’s. We create emotionally nourishing and physically exciting Cirkus shows that provide entertainment, escapism and new perspectives by addressing the world that the children inhabit.
As well as being Cirkus Artists we are all active educators who regularly teach children and other professional circus artists from as young as 5years to adults in their 50s’. Carlotta has a specialisation in Circus Pedagogy she gained while studying her Ba at DOCH. Karin is the Head Coach at Norrkoping Youth Cirkus where she is responsible for the technical and artistic development of the children there. Karin is also the co-founder of circus company, Kompany Tofs with whom she toured a children’s Cirkus production in Sweden during 2013/14. Hamish currently teaches cirkus to children and Gymansium students with Cirkus Cirkor, Skarpnack Kulturskolan and at international workshops.
We are firm believes in the principle of ‘less is more’ in Cirkus. We believe this is particularly applicable when it comes to stimulating children’s already fertile and overwhelmed imaginations.
The name Cirkus Nambawan is a mix of the Swedish word for Circus (Cirkus), and the Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea language) for ‘The best’ (Nambawan). The name was chosen as Hamish grew up in PNG where Nambawan is a commonly used term to describe something AMAZING, it is also the name of a very popular brand of biscuit that practically every child (Hamish included) adores and grows up with.




The circus journey started at an early age on the kitchen table after dinner when she wanted to show everybody that she can stand in a bridge while singing a song. She became fast the cartwheel champion in her school since she could cartwheel all the way to the cafeteria. Later on, between 1997-2007 she has trained and played shows all over the world with her youth circus Ludvika Minicirkus. The circus journey have then continued, in 2014 she graduated from the well-known school DOCH, dance and circus university. 

In Karins work one can often see depictions of her childhood and how she puts great value to her imagination. She twists and turns ordinary objects and expresses her art strongly by placing her self on a trapeze and then balances freely on her head.

Orderly and always alert she prioritises her work most of all. From Karin you’ll get quality with a pinch of sugar.




Carlotta Risitano tight wire artist, born in the North of Italy in 1992, at the moment  based in Sweden. She is an unsual tigthwire dancer,  she is rough,she loves to have a direct contact with the audience and make fun of them and but  especially of herself. She is something different.  All clown technique well mixed up with high technique on the wire. One of her goals is to cut the”polite” line between the spectator and the artist, mainting her professional carachter. She is an honest and pure person on stage.

She had the opportunity to develop herself during her studies at the University of Circus DOCH in Stockholm.

Carlotta was involved in the gymnastic world already at the young age of 6,and then She met the circus at 19 years old thanks to the School VERTIGO based in Turin where she spent 3 years and after that everything is just a consequence of something that she truly believe.

She loves to perform, entertain people and just be herself..always!




1st class idiot. 2nd rate trapeze base, 3rd class hand to hand base.

Graduate of the inaugural Master Program in Contemporary Circus Practices at DOCH, alumni of Circomedia centre of Contemporary Circus & Physical Theatre. Hamish primary disaplines are Rope, Physical Theatre & Kettlebell Juggling.

Hamish continually strives to further his perception & expression of Circus, desiring above all else to share the joy of being on stage with the audience.

When not on stage or the training hall Hamish studies Boxing & Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, watches re-runs of Star Trek and raises a young family with his partne