Trädgårdsdrömmarr (Garden Dreams) Premier Sweden August 2019


Trädgårdsdrömmarr is a cirkus show for children ages 5-12. It is a story about the relationship between 3 circus artists from very different cultural backgrounds (Sweden, Italy, Australia, Papua New Guinea, China) who utilise these experiences to highlight diversity and the possibilities of cooperation when faced with a challenge.

The 3 artists are kings, queens and clowns in their own magical garden. They each make their entrance for the audience, and each other. A blossoming flower leads them astray, tempting their eyes, ears and noses. One walks in the air, one walks on their hair and one stands very un-still on their head.

One of them is afraid, but we are never quite sure who. They support and carry each other physically as well as emotionally – to them this is obvious, there are no limitations between them. They execute high level circus technique in their specialisations that aren’t usually seen performed outside of a bigtop. They co-operate and develop trust for each other. Working together a problem is resolved.